healthy & happy
Lunch 4/18/14: 

Another veggie burger panini wrap from my favorite bistro and some salad on the side. These wraps are to die for 💚
Workout 4/18/14:

3 sets of each
reps: 10/8/6 
weight: 10lbs/8lbs/10KG/4KG
Front raises
Back flies
Shoulder press up
Barbell curl bent row
Barbell chin touches
Barbell power clean
Back clam shells
Bent elbow swings

Split squat 3x10 12KG
Squat 3x10/8/6 65/85/95lbs

Plank 30 seconds
Plank hip twists 30 seconds
10 ab roll outs
Repeat 3x

It felt good to be at the gym again. I worked mostly the arms with some core and lower body. Feeling strong, feeling good! Time to make a quick dinner and then dye some Easter eggs 🐰


Half wheel pose

Almond butter w cinnamon honey and banana

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Yoga 4/18/14: #aprilintentions day 18 

Crescent lunge with backbend 

Today’s intention: to stay calm while driving my last two hours and find a way to bake Easter treats, buy some plants/seeds, go to the gym and dye eggs with some friends all in one day. Challenge accepted! 👍

wild and springy! ♡
Yoga 4/17/14 

Wild thing pose … Thought the reflection was cool :)