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Posting this because on my run today a woman yelled from her Jeep as she was driving, “Put some clothes on!”
I wish I had the opportunity to tell her how it feels to hear that. YOU try running six miles on the streets in 80+ temps and come back to me and tell me that yea, wearing a sticky, itchy, and down right uncomfortable shirt is a good idea. 
Body shaming is just so aggravating.  All I’m trying to do is run in the most comfortable way possible. I’m not showing off, I’m not aiming to be provocative, I’m not even wearing tight spandex. But who cares if I was? Who cares if I wanted to flaunt my body? It’s my body and I have every right.

You’re wearing even more clothes than I do. People suck.

I just don’t understand it… why go out of your way to yell something like that out of your car?? What good are you doing in the world? Does it make feel all high-and-mighty? This has happened to me too many times before. (In fact, one time I was running with a few of the girls on the team and we actually got, “SLUT!” from a car. Yep.)

I hate people. Keep doin your thing,girls! People are so rude that they feel entitled to spoil someone’s mood when they’re just doing the thing they love

I had a similar situation happen to me. I live in SoCal in what is generally referred to as a desert. So naturally, during the summers, it gets freaking hot. I was on my 5.5 mile recovery run without a shirt on and as I passed a lady walking she loudly screamed at me, ” Well isn’t THAT obnoxious!?” Some people have no chill.

YO THIS HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY TOO. It was 90 degrees and I was wearing shorts and no shirt. Two persons, one male who was probably like 50 years old said it when he drove by on his motorcycle. Another woman who was like 30 yelled it when I ran by her stopped car. Like wtf it’s 90 degrees you’re lucky I didn’t wear a damn speedo to get a little cooler.

HAPPENED. TO. ME. I got stopped and asked by two old ladies in a car and they asked me how to get to Queens. When I told them, the one on the Shotgun seat said ” thankyou and PUT ON SOME GOD DAMN CLOTHES”. Society is stupid.
Workout 7/22/14:

Wednesday Core
25 crunches legs down
50 Russian twists w/ weight
30 crunches legs half way
20 v-ups
35 crunches legs up
20 toe touches
30 puppets
50 single leg throws
10 double leg bridges x3
1 minute + plank
45 second + side plank each side
50-150 double leg throws (60)
10x3 ab coasters weighted 20 lbs
10x3 side dips 10kg
8x3 side twists 50lbs
10x2 15x1 raised straight leg lifts
8x3 side ab coasters 20lbs

10 minute incline walk

I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow.

- Kid Cudi (via kushandwizdom)

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Afternoon snack on a rainy day: baked apple & peanut butter oatmeal.

s’mores cheesecake bars
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